Is Your Digital Content Accessible?

If you are a business with 50+ employees, any digital content that you create must be accessible.

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What Does it Mean to Be Accessible?

Accessibility means giving people of all abilities opportunities to participate fully in everyday life by understanding needs and removing barriers.

As part of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), The Information and Communications Standard (IASR) outlines requirements for organizatons to create and provide information and communications in a way that are accessible for people with disabilities. To be considered as compliant with these requirements, your digital content must meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.

What Documents Needs to be Accessible?

Any documents that are provided digitally are required to be accessible. Examples of documents include:

A business with 50+ employees must comply by January 1, 2021

Products and Services

We specilize in helping businesses to create and remediate digital documents.

Document Creation

If you are creating new documents and you are not sure how to make them accessible, we can build them for you.

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Document Remediation

If you are trying to update old documents and you are not sure how to make them accessible, we can remediate them for you.

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Document Testing

Do you have accessible documents already and need them to be tested? We use a variety of testing to ensure that your documents are accessible.

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Are you interested in building your own internal knowledge of how to create accessible documents? We can create a customized training package for you.

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